Livigno Skymarathon on 20th June – Stralivigno on 25th July

The organizing committee of Livigno never stops, giving new life to the events of the summer season Livigno Skymarathon and Stralivigno, two running contests that officially open registrations. The first on the calendar will be the Skymarathon on 20th June, one of the events not to be missed for lovers of skyrunning who will enjoy a 34 km route and 2700 meters of altitude difference on the border with Switzerland, in total safety thanks to the presence of Alpine Guides who will supervise the competitors.    And the less prepared will be able to try their hand at a shorter route with 1000 meters of altitude difference, to gradually approach the magical world of skyrunning. Be careful though, the bibs for the long race are limited. Be careful though, the bibs for the long race are limited. Registration fee of 55 euros to enjoy the main route (300 places), and 35 euros for the short distance, all by 30th April 2020 on the website

From the spectacular race in June to the appointment with the Stralivigno, race that last year has already crossed the finish line of the 20th edition (won by Lucien Epiney and Eliana Patelli) and on July 25th will give the usual 21 km race, also available in relay race facing 10.5 km each in the paradise of altitude training.  Not only runners, at Stralivigno, triathletes, cross-country skiers, ironmen and biathletes take to the field in a suggestive and training contest, available at the price of 30 euros for the Stralivigno trail and 40 euros for the relay, by 31st May to take advantage of the reduced fees on the website

Registration for races, given the time of year, can be a great idea for a Christmas gift you can give to friends or family runners. By sending an email to [email protected] with the recipient’s details, you will receive the directions and the voucher – gift to put under the tree.

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