RULES - 21 km and RELAY


“BROOKS – STRALIVIGNO” is a Trail Running race organized by APT LIVIGNO in collaboration with SPORTING CLUB LIVIGNO – MARATHON CLUB ALTA QUOTA LIVIGNO branch, which will be held in Livigno (SO) on Saturday 20th July 2024. 
It is possible to take part in the 21 km race or in the Relay where the path of about 21kms is divided in two parts, each of 10,5 kms (with relay change in a place called Tresenda).


Participation to the “BROOKS – STRALIVIGNO” implies acceptance, by the registered competitors, of these rules in all their parts and without reservation. By registering, each competitor agrees to comply with these rules and relieves the organizers of any civil or criminal liability for accidents or incidents, for damage to people or things which may occur during the event, deriving from, or caused by the participant. The race will take place in accordance with these rules and with any changes and notices that will be published on the website.


The “BROOKS – STRALIVIGNO”, running race of about 21kms, twists and turns through paths, paved or country roads of the Livigno valley and will take place with any weather condition (except for the circumstances described in Art. 12). The departure of the race is expected at 4.00 p.m. with a maximum time limit of 3 hours and 30 minutes and there is a time gate after 1:45 hours from the start of the race in the Relay change area (Tresenda area). Departure and arrival will be set up at Aquagranda (via Rasia), in front of the street. The path plan and altimetry could be seen on the website

Art. 4 – PARTICIPATION REQUIREMENTS: “BROOKS – Stralivigno” (21 kms)

The athletes that on the day of the departure will be eighteen years old can register, in possession of a medical fitness certificate for competitive sports, valid at least till the day of the race.

FOR ITALIAN ATHLETES, only the certificate of fitness for competitive sporting activity is valid (former art.5 – Ministerial Decree 18/2/82) – yellow form – or equivalent certification for which all the diagnostic protocols have been performed in accordance to the same decree – white form.
The event is open to all adult athletes in order for the current year with a membership for a Sports Promotion Company or Fidal or to holders of Mountain & Trail RunCard or RunCard.
Those without a membership card (but with a valid medical-sports visit) can sign up for the ACSI card at an additional cost of 5,00 Euros.
All competitors must in any case be in possession of a fitness medical examination for athletics valid on the day of the competition (medical examinations indicating other sports, eg. football, cycling, skiing… will not be considered valid).

FOREIGN ATHLETES will be able to participate in the competition if already registered with their athletics federation.
Otherwise, for insurance reasons, they will have to produce a copy of their medical examination of fitness to practice sport in accordance with current Italian legislation and will have to subscribe the annual ACSI membership at the additional cost of 5.00 Euros (valid until 31/12/2024).


Italian and foreign athletes who have reached the age of 16 can participate in the “BROOKS – Stralivigno Relay”. Written authorization from a parent is required for minors.
Two competitors participate in the relay. Couples must be formed independently before registration (the organization does not deal with forming couples for those who register individually).

Online registrations HERE

• 1.12.2023 to 31.12.2023 - € 30,00
• till 15th June 2024 - € 35.00
• till 17th July 2024 - € 40.00
• from 19th July 2024 - € 45.00 (just at the race office)

On-line registrations will close on Wednesday 17th July 2024.
• 1.12.2023 to 31.12.2023 - € 40,00
• till 15th June 2024 - € 45.00
• till 17th July 2024 - € 50.00
• from 19th July 2024 - € 55.00 (just at the race office)

On-line registrations will close on Wednesday 17th July 2024.
    The condition reserved for teams includes 1 free bib for every 10 paying athletes.
    To proceed with the registration, write to: [email protected] indicating the name, company code and the number of athletes.

    If an athlete is unable to participate in the race, the participation fee will not be refunded nor will it be possible to use the registration for the next year.
    The passage of the registration fee from one competitor to another is possible within the date of 30th June 2024. Beyond this date, a surcharge of Euro 10,00 will be applied

The registration fee include all the services described in these rules:

  • timing service by EvoData;
  • technical and medical assistance along the path; 
  • race package (the technical gadget of the event is guaranteed to the first 1000 registered athletes);
  • refreshments along the route;
  • showers and changing rooms at Aquagranda (pre and post race);
  • pasta party at the end of the race;
  • e-mail service with different information;
  • insurance;
  • safety service.
    Any other expenses shall be borne by the competitor.

The collection of the bibs will take part at the Race Office in Plaza Placheda (Via Saroch, 1098/a):
– Friday 19th July 2024: from 2.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m.
– Saturday 20th July 2024: from 9.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m.

Art. 7  – TIMING

The timing service will be provided by EvoData with technology based on the “chip” usage.
Failure or incorrect use of the chip will result in non-inclusion in the ranking and non-attribution of the time spent. The exchange of bibs is not allowed under penalty of disqualification.


The people of the medical staff in charge for first aid will be placed in the most significant points, while in the arrival area there will be a medical staff.
The first aid staff has to bring assistance to all the people in danger with the organization’s own means or through affiliated organizations. The official doctors are authorized to suspend the competitors considered unsuitable to continue the race. Rescuers are authorized to evacuate, by all means of their convenience, runners judged to be in danger. In case of need, for reasons that are in the interest of the rescued person, only and exclusively in the opinion of the organization, an official rescue will be called, which will take over the direction of the operations and will implement all appropriate means, including the helicopter. Any expenses deriving from the use of these exceptional means will be borne by the rescued person according to the laws in force. A runner who appeals to a doctor or a rescuer submits himself/herself to his/her authority and undertakes to respect his/her decisions.


The check of the competitors, both with chip or manual tick, is done in different points along the path. On the website the route map will be published and it will identify the refreshments, while the check points will be set up along the path and their location will not be communicated by the organization. Only the corridors visibly wearing a bib can access the refreshments.

REFRESHMENT POINTS:  5 refreshment points set up along the route + 1 final refreshment point:
1). MOTTOLINO AREA: 2,5 km 
2). FIOR DI BOSCO: 5 km
3). PONT LONCH (change relay): 10 km
4). TEA BORCH: 12,5 km
5). TANA DEL GATTO: 16 km
6). AQUAGRANDA (final refreshment point): 21 km.

There will be a time gate after 1 hour and 45 minutes from the start of the race in the Pont Lonch area at km 10 (relay change area).
The maximum time for the competition is 3 hours and 30 minutes.


The controllers along the path are qualified to verify the respect of all the rules. The irregularities verified also with video images arrived to the organization after the race, can cause the disqualification. The race direction can decide for the disqualification of one racer, in case of serious fault, especially for (not complete list):

  • bib worn in a non-compliant way
  • bib exchange
  • failure to pass through a checkpoint
  • use of a means of transport
  • doping or refuse to undergo an anti-doping control
  • failure to assist another competitor in case of difficulty
  • abandonment of their own material long the path
  • failure to comply with the prohibition to be accompanied on the route
  • rubbish abandonment along the path
  • pollution or neglect of the location
  • insults, rudeness or threats against members of the organization or volunteers
  • refusal to be examined by a doctor of the organization at any time during the race.

Any complaints have to be given 30 minutes after ranking have been published:

  • first step: verbally to the arrival judge.
  • second step: written at the judge accompanied with Euro 100,00 of the claim tax, which will be given back in case complaint is accepted.

The Organization has the right to modify in any moment the route or the places of the rescue and refreshment points, without any warning. In case of bad weather conditions and such as to place at risk the safety of the competitors, the start may be postponed or canceled, the route modified and/or shortened, or the race may be stopped at any point on the track. The suspension or cancellation of the race will not entitle the competitors to any refund of the registration fee.


The O.C. of the “BROOKS – STRALIVIGNO” declines any and all responsibility for accidents and damage to athletes, third parties and things, before, during, and after the event. For contents not covered by these rules, the provisions of the I.A.A.F. and the laws in force will be applied. The competition is covered by RCT insurance. By registering each athlete declares to be in possession of the participation requirements and to accept the conditions of the race. The accompaniment of athletes in the race is not allowed. Participation is at your own risk.
The organization reserves the right to modify these rules at any time.
By signing the registration form, the athlete declares to know and accept the “BROOKS – Stralivigno” rules fully published on the website. He/she also expressly declares, under his/her own responsibility, not only to have declared the truth, but also to exonerate the organizers, sponsors and Public Administrations from any liability, both civil and criminal, for damage to people and/or property caused by him/her or to him/her derivatives.


Each competitor expressly renounces to make use of the image rights during the race, as well as renounces any recourse against the organization and its authorized partners for the usage made of his/her image. Each participant authorizes the organizer to use the images for the promotion of the event on all national and international media.
Simultaneously with the registration, the participant accepts the forwarding of his/her personal data to third parties for the purpose of data processing in accordance with the law on the protection of personal data Legislative Decree nr. 196/2003.


The flower ceremony of the first three men and first the women will take place at the arrival area at the end of the race. No money prize will be given, but issue otherwise than for cash.
The official awards ceremony for the “BROOKS – Stralivigno” 21 km (absolute and category) will take place at 20.00 at Plaza Placheda.
About the “BROOKS –  Stralivigno Relay” there will be prize draws after the race.

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