Dear friends,

as you all know, these past few weeks we have been going through a crisis that we never even imagined we would have to face.

The health emergency linked to the spread of COVID-19 leaves us facing difficult decisions that, however, we have to take, for your protection and for all those who are involved in various ways in the organization of an important race like Stralivigno.

The Organizing Committee of the event, during these weeks, has constantly monitored the evolution of the situation, hoping to the last to see positive signs that could allow the race scheduled for next 25th July. Unfortunately, this hope has faded with the days. Today, with great regret, we have to communicate that the Stralivigno 2020 is cancelled.

There are currently too many uncertainties about the future. We believe that right now, the only thing that matters is public health, ours and yours. Considering that almost all the athletes come from outside Livigno, we do not feel like asking you to plan a trip without any assurance that this can be achieved.

We are sorry, but we are convinced that at this moment the sense of responsibility must prevail over every other aspect. At the same time, we are convinced that you will understand the decision, which leads in the direction of protecting your health as well.

In the next few hours, all subscribers will receive an email with the instructions to request a refund of the fee or to confirm it for the 2021 edition.

To all of you our warmest wishes that everything may turn out for the best.

The Organizing Committee of Stralivigno

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